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"As a nurse with a Portuguese background, I wanted to improve my pronunciation, but also have the grammar rules in black and white. After contacting Codoen, I knew for sure that I made the best choice. My teacher Conny was very patient and answered all my questions extensively. The lessons were flexible and based on my needs and wishes. From grammar to my resume and job interview was practiced.


I now have a new job in health care and I am now more confident when I speak to Dutch patients. So I have a very positive experience. Through our lessons I have got to know the Dutch language and culture in a pleasant way."

Sofia Silva Sousa

"We have been working together with Conny Stroet for a long time. We characterize her as an enthusiastic and professional language trainer. She is accurate and analytical and can provide insight into the learning needs of a student. She guides her students in a pleasant and educational way to achieve their learning goals."

Ziggurat Language training, Ian Reitsma

"Conny worked with great enthusiasm for ATOR Opleidingen from 2000 to 2007. As a teacher / trainer she knows better than anyone how to motivate and inspire people. For that she uses all her skills. Keywords are: pleasant to deal with, large dose of intercultural sensitivity, eager to learn and enterprising. Fine colleague and excellent teacher / trainer!

I got to know her as someone who cann’t be easily disturbed: always positive, creative and solution-oriented. But especially people-oriented and reliable.

With her commitment, she certainly contributed to the success we achieved during that period. Conny has been working as an independent professional since 2007, but I still like to use her expertise."

Ator Training, Caroline Heymans

"Conny is a good teacher. She understands me and listens carefully to me. She gave a lot of examples so that I can understand the language very well. She also gives a lot of attention to the general development of the student. This includes both the etymology of the word and the correct pronunciation. She makes sure that what you have learned is complete.


She can understand your learning pace and is patient to repeat until it is clear to you. I strongly recommend her to learn Dutch well."

Neenu George

"What an incredibly beautiful trip I made together with Codoen. A journey that has brought me closer to myself than ever before!

It is now, 2017, exactly 10 years ago that I ended up at Codoen through a good friend, a colleague, to improve my Dutch. Because this was an individual language training, I initially thought that it would be short-lived. At the same time during the first lesson I immediately realized that I had to be with Codoen to be able to develop myself further.


In short, I have successfully completed individual language training. In addition, from 2009 to 2012, with the support of Codoen, I successfully completed my MWD course at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Then in January 2017 through November 2017 I completed my NVRG system therapeutic worker training at the RINO Group, in Utrecht also with success and with the support of Conny.


The power of Codoen is just doing it, and Codoen will support you also on request afterwards!"

Tony Vieira Carvalho

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