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Our verbal language is a counting of words and grammar. And it is a tool to have contact, to co-operate and to be able to develop. In this context the use of language is mainly colorized by attitude, intention, tone of voice, word choice, knowledge, judgements and circumstances.


My name is Conny Stroet and to me language is an interesting part of live.

As an independent language trainer and coach I respond to the interaction between language, communication and co-operation. And also to the importance of language for personal development.

Since 2007 I do this under the business name CoDoen.

CoDoen stands for communication & co-operation.


Would you like to improve the language skills, communication skills and mutual collaboration in your team and / or organisation? Do you want to improve your personal knowledge and use of the Dutch language? Do you want to improve your personal communication skills? I will be happy to work with you.

The guiding line of each training and coaching is: discover and evolve, create your own chances.

My personal interpretation

To support your personal development and to improve the mutual co-operation I work with language from a broad background.

Each trajectory has its own questions with its own cause and consequences. Because of this each trajectory has its own abilities to approach and to find the answers.

In practice it usually appears that appointing a problem is the start of the solution.


I train and coach earthly-minded, goal oriented and constructively critical; with an open mind and interest for the ‘what-why-who-how’ behind the question or matter.

The coaching is among other things based on the building blocks of the Fish Philosophy (Be there, Make their day, Play and Choose your attitude) and the O-quadrant (discover, meet, evolve and untie). In Dutch this is Ontwikkelen, Ontmoeten, Ontplooien en Ontknopen.

In my curriculum vitae (CV) you can read more about my background, knowledge and experience.


My personal base as well plays a role in the way I work. This is multicultural and social concerned, with a tone. The ground of the website is not for nothing a free and colourful impression of the skyline of Rotterdam. A town where diversity in many ways gives an interesting form to society. The painting is made by Xander van Oosten. On you’ll find other work of him.  

Course rates
Are you interested?

The course rates are based on individual classes or group classes, on the number of classes and on the course location.

Use the contact form to receive the pricing and make an appointment for an informal interview.

Do you have any questions, or would you like a meeting without any stings attached? 

Let me know by the contact form, by telephone or sent me an e-mail.


T: 06-10151818

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