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Cooperation = co operate

Do you and your colleagues understand each other well?

Do you really listen to each other?

Does everyone feels free to say what he or she wants to say?

How do you handle a different opinion or deviant behavior?

Bad cooperation leads to tensions, absenteeism and unsatisfactory results.

Language plays an important role in this. Not only from the knowledge of speaking, but also from the language experience, the way we use the words.

What is the effect of your communication on the cooperation?

Is the way you function, or the way your team functions, negatively affected by the mutual communication?

Chose for improvement of the cooperation by the workshops, trainingen en coaching of CoDoen:

TaalEffecten: a workshop that gives you insights and building bricks from the experience of language, to improve the mutual communication skills.

Hand Out: a workshop that gives you handles to cooperate in a constructive way; and how to recognise, acknowledge and use the various qualities within a team.

The coaching and individual language training will be tuned on the specific personal skills and needs.


You can choose a separate course or a combination, as an individual and as a team.

Course rates
Are you interested?

The course rates are based on individual classes or group classes, on the number of classes and on the course location.

Use the contact form to receive the pricing and make an appointment for an informal interview.

Do you have any questions, or would you like a meeting without any stings attached? 

Let me know by the contact form, by telephone or sent me an e-mail.


T: 06-10151818

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